Exterior Blinds

Exterior Blinds For Homes With Gardens

The most pleasant home gardens in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties provide generous shade to homeowners and their guests, and they do so with exterior blinds. At Reynolds Blinds, we specialise in beautiful window coverings for the home. We believe light to be the most important element in any given space, this is why we design and manufacture window treatments to provide you with light-filtering techniques to enhance your home’s ambience. 

Benefits of Exterior Blinds for Your Home

Here’s something ironic about residential architecture. Exterior blinds are part of a residential design trend that can be traced back to the elaborate gardens built during the Mesopotamian period, the idea is to provide both style and functionality to outdoor spaces in climates where the summers are long and sweltering.

The benefits of awnings and exterior blinds boil down to reducing the amount of solar energy in both outdoor spaces and home interiors. Let’s say you are a lucky Leamington Spa homeowner with a summer kitchen and an outdoor dining area; installing exterior blinds will not only make cooking and dining more enjoyable but will also lower the amount of heat being transferred to the adjacent living spaces in the house.

Exterior Blind Ideas

Trends in Exterior Blinds

If you have seen neighbours installing outdoor blinds and shades recently, you can thank the Mediterranean revival style of residential architecture for this trend. Homebuilders across Warwickshire and Oxfordshire have been borrowing style elements from the Mediterranean for a few decades. The Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean revival styles have endured in the UK, but they only extended to outdoor living spaces starting in the 1990s.

We are now seeing more homeowners choosing exterior blinds and other treatments to provide nice shade in their backyards, patios, gardens, and even swimming pool areas. This trend is not limited to single-family residences; many pubs bars and restaurants install awnings and various shade mechanisms in shared outdoor spaces, and we all know about the bistro blinds at fancy high street restaurants and cafes Leamington in Leamington and Oxford.

Exterior Blinds and Shades

At Reynolds Blinds, we offer various solutions for residential and commercial properties. We design and manufacture made to measure blinds, and you have choices ranging from hardwood to advanced laminate materials. If your outdoor spaces are oriented in such a way that they are beaten by merciless sunlight a few months out of the year, you will want the most durable materials.

Exterior Blind Installations by Reynolds Blinds

We can provide you with various ideas on how you can adjust and reduce solar energy in your outdoor areas. Our fitters will inform you about the best strategies; for example, if you have a granite countertop in your summer kitchen, you will want to place a shade or blind treatment to protect the natural stone surface from constant exposure to ultraviolet rays. We will offer you custom window treatment solutions that your UK home needs.

Learn More About Exterior Blinds

Contact us today to get ideas about the exterior blinds and shades that will be more suitable for your garden and outdoor spaces. You don’t have to settle for covered lanais; we can design custom shade solutions and treatments that will make your outdoor spaces feel very refreshing.

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